Play With Flair

Each Pair of Cribbage Pegs takes Approximately 3-5 days from the Start to the Finish.
They are made in either a three or four stage process. 
I have been creating and Making my Pegs since the Spring of 2014, I started marketing my pegs in 2016 and opened my website in 2020. It has been almost a full ten years now that I have enjoyed this chapter in my life. 
The toppers are made from Many different Materials, with majority being Peruvian Porcelaian, a Metal Alloy that is Nickel and Lead Free, blown glass.

I use Chinese, Swarovski, Czech and Austrian Crystal Glass in some of the Designs. 

The Pegs themselves are an Aluminum or Steel Product, depending on what is available.  
I do have a 30 Day Warranty for Separation Only. If in 30 days the topper and the peg separate naturally , I will replace them @ no Charge.

The fit of the Pegs on the boards is not guaranteed. The reason for this is that there are many different boards made, while most holes on the standard boards are the same size, there are different quality of boards and the holes will different from the same make from board to board. Custom boards for sure will have no guarantee that they will fit. I have created the pegs with a flange that sits atop the board to stop the pegs from falling over if the pegs are loose in the board. 
I design and create all of my Cribbage Pegs. At times I will have someone, specifically ask for a style I do not have, I trace these requests and once I have 4 or more people ask for the style, I will start researching the best product to modify and turn into the Peg.

In the Summer of 2023, I decided to take my pegs in a different direction, and am now creating many very custom style pegs. I Paint and design many different styles, such as Red Tail Foxes, Many types of Alberta Birds and Cats.

When I receive my components, I soak them in a mild disinfectant solution before I work on them, they are rinsed, prepared and then I wipe them once again before bagging them. I Include a Disinfectant wipe bagged separately in the envelope for you to rewipe once you receive them. 
Each Handcrafted Topper is Made in Peru, 
Because they are hand made, each topper will vary slightly from one to another, in color and size. 
. They all have  have exceptional detail! 

The majority of the pegs are priced and sold in pairs. The letter pegs are priced and sold individually to accommodate mixing and matching.