I am so grateful to have met Vicky Mueller (Krazy Kustom Cribbage Pegs) through a dear friend. I have purchased a few sets of the cribbage pegs now and I love them and the people I gifted them to love them. When I messaged Vicky on what I was looking for, she responded right away with awesome pictures and a few choices to decide from. Once I decided on the pegs I wanted - she shipped them right away. Vicky is personable, fun, outgoing, professional, creative and passionate about her cribbage pegs. I highly recommend that you check-out her Krazy Custom Cribbage Pegs - they are all super-cool, personal and she has something for everyone! 

Pauline Hargas
Purchaser of Pegs

 I have purchased many pegs from Vicky, often going out of my way to find more people to buy for! I absolutely LOVE these unique, fun, and extremely durable crib pegs! I would recommend these as amazing gifts, or simply for your own home, cottage or camping crib boards! So fun! Nichole Saskiw 

Nichole Saskiw
Event Organizer

 Good evening, l just wanted to thank Vicky for the wonderful work you do on designing your crib pegs. In the past l was very lucky enough to purchase for an elderly gentleman who couldnt hold his own any longer. Vicky has extra large pegs that were perfect for him, now he can play once again. I too have purchased a few pairs and just love the huge selection that she carries at all times. Vicky also designs a large variety of suncatchers that l have also been able to purchase from her. Thank you very much and look forward to doing more business in the future with you. Thank you Sharon Benusic 

Sharon Benusic
Client, Fellow Vendor