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  • Date: 19/07/2024 12:00 PM - 28/07/2024 10:00 PM
  • Location: 7515 118 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada (Map)

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Play With Flair

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I have been crafting my entire life and cannot remember a time when I was not creating something for myself or someone else. In 2016, I left a job that was not fulfilling me. I took a few months and revisited all the choices I had made regarding my careers, and realized I needed to move into retirement, doing something that I loved.
At the same time my Dad, who was 94 years young, brought a cribbage peg to me and asked if it was something I could make. He liked the idea of custom pegs but did not like the fit and style of the one he had purchased. I tried many different styles over a year period. Dad played crib everyday for approximately 6 - 8 hours a day. I think anyone who walked in the door of the care centre he was at and played crib, played with him at some time or another. Some of my brothers, sisters and his grandchildren played in tournaments over the years with him. He taught some of the staff at the care centre to play. Dad took the time to teach each of his 6 children how to play the game along with his grandchildren and even great grandchildren.
Once I had made Dad, his first set (a fat pair with bumps on them so he could see and feel them) his friends saw them and then their friends. One day I decided that I would take a few to a market that I was going to with my Jewellery, Scarecrows, Santa's and Game board Markers and was absolutely stunned at how many people played crib. My Husband and I had a group that we played cards with when we were younger, but as we got older we stopped playing and never spoke with any one about it. As I developed my pegs, it seemed that all of a sudden, everyone we knew played crib or knew someone who did. I was and still am today stunned and amazed at the number of people playing this wonderful ancient game.
  Dad always said to me " You listened to me once in you life and look what it has done for you"
Each and everyone of my cribbage pegs is made knowing Dad is watching me from above and would be so pleased that something he loved so much also gives me such pleasure.


Both the Cribbage Pegs and the Gift Packages are Packaged in Bubble Mailer Envelopes and Shipped via Letter Mail by CANADA POST

Standard Shipping Rates


 Standard Lettermail  :   Minimum Shipping Charge of $6.50  ( for most pegs )   DOES NOT INCLUDE TRACKING

Designer or Larger Cribbage Peg : Shipping rates  indicated for each individual Item

 Gift Packages  : Shipping rates indicated for each individual Package

Expedited Rate: $29.00 Flat Rate for cribbage Peg orders (includes tracking)

Xpresspost Rate : $35.00 Flat Rate on all cribbage peg orders  (includes tracking)


Tracked packet: $13.00 Flat Rate for Cribbage Pegs.  ( includes tracking)

Expedited:  $29.00 Flat Rate for Cribbage Pegs (includes tracking)

Xpresspost U.S.A :  $37.00  Flat Rate for cribbage peg orders in U.S.A (includes tracking)


   Standard : Rate calculated at check out

Packaging Details

The Cribbage Pegs are placed in a Clear Plastic 2" X 3" Bag after they have been disinfected.

Delivery time

For Special Orders please allow extra time for assembly and shipping

IN CANADA- ( standard post)  anywhere from 3 - 10 days typically

(expedited post) 3-9 days typically

( Xpresspost ) 2-3 days.  typically

(Meet for Delivery) Within 1 Week typically, LOCAL ORDERS ONLY

TO UNITED STATES- ( standard post )  anywhere from 10-14 days typically

( expedited post ) 5-10 typically

( Xpresspost  U.S.A )  4-6 days. typically

INTERNATIONAL: ( standard post ) anywhere from 10-18 days typically. 


Standard Payment is through Pay Pal,  Credit Card through Square 

Tax is calcualted based on your Province and applied at time of payment

Please contact me for other payment options. 

 I am so grateful to have met Vicky Mueller (Krazy Kustom Cribbage Pegs) through a dear friend. I have purchased a few sets of the cribbage pegs now and I love them and the people I gifted them to love them. When I messaged Vicky on what I was looking for, she responded right away with awesome pictures and a few choices to decide from. Once I decided on the pegs I wanted - she shipped them right away. Vicky is personable, fun, outgoing, professional, creative and passionate about her cribbage pegs. I highly recommend that you check-out her Krazy Custom Cribbage Pegs - they are all super-cool, personal and she has something for everyone! 

Pauline Hargas
Purchaser of Pegs

 I have purchased many pegs from Vicky, often going out of my way to find more people to buy for! I absolutely LOVE these unique, fun, and extremely durable crib pegs! I would recommend these as amazing gifts, or simply for your own home, cottage or camping crib boards! So fun! Nichole Saskiw 

Nichole Saskiw
Event Organizer

 Good evening, l just wanted to thank Vicky for the wonderful work you do on designing your crib pegs. In the past l was very lucky enough to purchase for an elderly gentleman who couldnt hold his own any longer. Vicky has extra large pegs that were perfect for him, now he can play once again. I too have purchased a few pairs and just love the huge selection that she carries at all times. Vicky also designs a large variety of suncatchers that l have also been able to purchase from her. Thank you very much and look forward to doing more business in the future with you. Thank you Sharon Benusic 

Sharon Benusic
Client, Fellow Vendor

Play With Flair

Play With Flair

Each Pair of Cribbage Pegs takes Approximately 3-5 days from the Start to the Finish.
They are made in either a three or four stage process. 
I have been creating and Making my Pegs since the Spring of 2014, I started marketing my pegs in 2016 and opened my website in 2020. It has been almost a full ten years now that I have enjoyed this chapter in my life. 
The toppers are made from Many different Materials, with majority being Peruvian Porcelaian, a Metal Alloy that is Nickel and Lead Free, blown glass.

I use Chinese, Swarovski, Czech and Austrian Crystal Glass in some of the Designs. 

The Pegs themselves are an Aluminum or Steel Product, depending on what is available.  
I do have a 30 Day Warranty for Separation Only. If in 30 days the topper and the peg separate naturally , I will replace them @ no Charge.

The fit of the Pegs on the boards is not guaranteed. The reason for this is that there are many different boards made, while most holes on the standard boards are the same size, there are different quality of boards and the holes will different from the same make from board to board. Custom boards for sure will have no guarantee that they will fit. I have created the pegs with a flange that sits atop the board to stop the pegs from falling over if the pegs are loose in the board. 
I design and create all of my Cribbage Pegs. At times I will have someone, specifically ask for a style I do not have, I trace these requests and once I have 4 or more people ask for the style, I will start researching the best product to modify and turn into the Peg.

In the Summer of 2023, I decided to take my pegs in a different direction, and am now creating many very custom style pegs. I Paint and design many different styles, such as Red Tail Foxes, Many types of Alberta Birds and Cats.

When I receive my components, I soak them in a mild disinfectant solution before I work on them, they are rinsed, prepared and then I wipe them once again before bagging them. I Include a Disinfectant wipe bagged separately in the envelope for you to rewipe once you receive them. 
Each Handcrafted Topper is Made in Peru, 
Because they are hand made, each topper will vary slightly from one to another, in color and size. 
. They all have  have exceptional detail! 

The majority of the pegs are priced and sold in pairs. The letter pegs are priced and sold individually to accommodate mixing and matching.
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