Beautiful Aquarius-themed Cribbage Pegs. Perfect for the visionary zodiac sign. These are an Acrylic Topper with a Metal Alloy (lead and nickel) Free Base and Steel Peg. January 20 to February 18 Aquarius is a fixed, masculine air sign—ruled by Saturn and Uranus. It's associated with the Eleventh House of greater communities, friendships, and dreams. Aquarius is a paradox. Its fixed nature is unmoving, yet its air qualities prefer innovation. Aquarius is a technological sign, preferring both the structure of Saturn and the unconventionality of rebellious Uranus. To amplify Aquarius' quirkiness, it's represented as the Water-Bearer. Surprisingly, Aquarius is highly empathetic, but shielded by a cold front. Aquarius wants to better the collective but is also highly selective with personal relationships. No matter what, Aquarius tends to shine in its individualism.

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