Libra peg set: stylish zodiac-inspired pegs for cribbage players. These are an Acrylic Topper with a Metal Alloy (lead and nickel free) Base with a Steel Peg. September 23 to October 22 Libra is a cardinal, masculine air sign ruled by Venus and associated with the Seventh House of commitment, partnerships, and marriage. Represented as the Scales, Libra's cardinal nature comes from its ability to weigh all pros and cons. Although expressed with masculine drive, Libra's air qualities tend to take over. Libra values partnerships above all else, so its leadership capabilities heavily depend on social relations. At times, Libra may come across as codependent or indecisive. If anything, Libra wants to ensure that every decision is reciprocal! Libra is all about keeping it 50/50, in true Scales fashion.

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