Zodiac-themed, Pisces-inspired cribbage pegs make game night fun! This is an Acrylic Topper with a Metal Alloy (lead and nickel free) Topper and Steel Peg. February 19 to March 20 Pisces is a mutable, feminine water sign, co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. It's associated with the Twelfth House of the subconscious, hidden talents/weaknesses, and self-undoing. Pisces weaves in and out of conscious reality thanks to its mystical mutability. Graced with water attributes, Pisces has this eclectic magic, gifted with psychic receptivity and scarily accurate intuition. Jupiter tends to magnify these qualities, but Neptune also tends to delude them with a dreamy confusion. Represented by two Fish swimming in synchronicity, Pisces is the reminder to consider the known and unknown.

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