Lucky Virgo Zodiac Cribbage Pegs. Wrapped in luck & charm! Must-have for cribbage fans. This is an Acrylic Topper with a Metal Alloy (lead and nickel free) Base and Steel Peg. August 23 to September 22 Virgo is a mutable, feminine earth sign, ruled by Mercury and associated with the Sixth House of work, health, and daily routines. Much like clay, the earthy mutability of Virgo is consistently adaptable. Virgo is known to be dependable—thanks to Virgo's attention to detail and perfectionist mindset. Although somewhat nervous, thanks to the restless Mercurial influence, Virgo tends to strive for the best outcome at all times. So, Virgo's critical nature is ideal for catching—then perfecting—every flaw. After all, nothing gets by the Virgin. And when lightning strikes, the volcanic nature of Virgo becomes electric!

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